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23 sites transformed into 1 super site

Hello everyone,

I have deliberately delayed writing about this site in order to learn how very well it has been programmed and the ins and outs of its content.

But, I now, can not speak highly enough regarding the time and effort that Maryanne Myers has put into developing what is a truly superb website.

It is called Pangea and is aptly described

“Pangea” meaning: Millions of years ago all of the continents were as one, millions of years into the future they will be one again.

Maryanne took 23 sites. which she deemed as out of date and needing a fresh new look, and merged them into one site and called it Pangea.

The following is also taken from the main site;

This uses just ONE step to explode multiple ads out all at once, including: your email ad, a banner AND a text ad, all with just one click. No credits to assign, no hassles, so this is a serious time saver!

You get 100 credits for every email you view and this adds up rapidly as it has nearly 120000 members who are advertising and reading your ads.

It would take ages for me to explain all that is available for you on this site so I suggest you go to the links and check it out for yourself.

If you were already a member of one of the 23 sites try logging in to Pangea using your original username and password as your data should have been linked from that old site to this new one.

Here is the list.

These are the sites that were moved to Pangea: ListShock, Rock-Star-Traffic, BloxTraffic, Mixnmatchcash, MegaBoxBucks, DirtCheapMailer, Safe-list-monster, RevoList, HappyFaceMailer, BillBoardCash, Popitads, Ptcwings, PassGoForCash, Hawkresponder, Zoommoola, Green-Elist, Logindollars, Hot-response-now, Pay-U-List, Marvel-E-Mail, Trade-A-List, SuperCashFFA and Hooklistmail

Those outdated advertising methods are replaced with Pangea Super Safelist.

Go there now you will not regret it.

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  1. Thank you so much for the kind blog post, I really appreciate that you took the time out to write this about Pangea 🙂

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