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A helpful hint and a Reminder

Hi Everyone,

Have you had a problem sorting out BB code?

I found a very helpful link for you that converts HTML code to BB code for those sites that use BB code.

This is especially relevant for people in CTP who are trying to set up their profile Page. If you click that link, it will give you an example of how it can work for you.

So Go here and bookmark it  HTML code to BB Code

On my profile page, for example, I created a banner using AdKreator then downloaded the image to my computer thence uploaded it to Photobucket. From where I obtained the HTML code. I then used the converter to BB code and copied that to the settings page of CTP and voila it all worked perfectly.

For those who do not know, CTP is Click, Track, Profit and is the subject of an earlier post called, What else can I do, in November 2012.

So, I hope that is helpful for you and have fun with it.

Now for the Reminder:

Tomorrow is Thursday for a great ,many of the world’s population whereas it is Friday for me so I have to be careful that I get the dates and times right LOL.

However, it is the day that Marthe broadcasts her spreecast and I strongly urge you to attend as Marthe knows what she is talking about and you are sure to learn from her expertise. So the link is Marthe’s Round Table. The time of this broadcast 9:00 pm Eastern Time so don’t forget it. And that’s an order Grin.

If some of you do not know who Marthe is, I refer you to an earlier Post, Traffic Exchange Profile pages which explains all.

Please be there and support Marthe and meet new friends too.

Updated: May 23, 2013 — 1:56 pm

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