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Month – January 2014

Bitcoins, what the heck are bitcoins?

Hello everyone, I got an email from Bob (Buckets of Banners) today that I found most interesting. No doubt all have you have seen the many ads for bitcoins in the traffic exchanges, safelist, mailers almost everywhere. Some Te’s and other wbsite businesses have said they will start accepting bit coins and i got somewhat […]

Driving and surfing

Hello everyone, At a December visit to the eye specialist, I asked if and when I might be able to drive again. He said that the law states that I must have a reasonable period of adjustment and that as it had been 2 months since I lost the sight in my right eye, he […]

Let’s get cracking in 2014

Hello to all my on line friends and readers, OK I am now back in to it and will continue with this blog on a much more regular basis. A couple of posts back I mentioned Ads, Clicks, Profits from my good online friend Richard Daigle. Well, ¬†Richard has a couple more projects going¬†and one […]

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