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Month – September 2013

The days fly by

Hi everyone, It was a busy time for me this weekend. On Saturday I had to be up bright and early as had arranged to teach 5 of the Taranaki branch of Coastguard in the use of Radar. Accordingly it was up at 6 am prepare the body, pack the car with a Whiteboard a […]

Topsy Turvey

Hi Everyone, It has been a funny couple of days, not too much happening and it has quiet on the Internet front. The weather has been a trifle unpleasant for us also. But we are keeping OK and venturing onward. I modified a couple of splash pages in AdKreator to allow for Christmas shopping in […]

Progress at last

Hi Everyone, As the heading says, things do seem to be coming together at last. I have improved the look of the site, or at least, I hope I have. There is now a subscription opt in form, a space for a bit of advertising and also I have added a section for blogs which […]

What a Nightmare

Yesterday everything turned to custard. I was trying to update splash pages with the new blog link and that was going as slow as a snail in a bog. The c-panel upload of a zip file told me it was not a valid zip file even though I had extracted the files OK on my […]

My WP Blog got shut down

Hello everyone, Please accept my apologies but my WordPress blog was suspended for advertising affiliate sites apparently that were possibly get rich quick schemes. Nothing is further from my mind, however I have transferred it to my own hosting but have had to make quite a few changes. Unfortunately, this will be on going until […]

Instant Splash Techs up Big time.

Hi Every body, If you have not heard of Carl Bailey on line the you are indeed a newbie. Carl has been around for a long time and once again is someone I can personally trust online. He has put out some great programs amongst them, Auto Pilot Downlines, Banners and Bucks and Instant Splash.  […]

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