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Month – June 2013

A Chat with Tony Tezak

Yesterday I had the good fortune to have a brief conversation with Tony Tezak whilst in SS4U. The conversation was about the absence of many surfers from the chat in various traffic exchanges and, why this was the case. I do not know the answer really, as the circumstances vary from day to day and […]

The Milestone Birthday

Yesterday was the 22nd June in my time and on this day in 1943, Leslie John Stevens was brought kicking and screaming into this world. Therefore I have now attained the three score years and ten. I must admit, that I am somewhat amazed to have made it this far but count my blessings anyway. […]

A bridge to Where?

Hello everyone, Today I want to tell you a little story which I very much hope you will find amusing. It pertains to the problem generally encountered by the mere male in the nature of men are from Mars and women are from Venus. It was brought to mind by a couple of chats in […]

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